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On March 4th, 2019, the 25th National Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Expo was grandly opened at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou. As an international event for the exhibition of aluminum door, window and curtain wall industry, it attracted many well-known brands from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. 20,000 pieces of aluminum door and window curtain wall and its new parts. The aluminum screening reporter participated in the exhibition and had the opportunity to interview Ms. Wang Jinying, the general manager of Shenzhen Yongxianqi Technology Co., Ltd.

Ms. Wang Jinying

Aluminum Screening: A brief introduction to the current development of the company's field.

Yong Xianqi: The company is the general agent of Italy Daicros DECORAL and Monfes MENPHIS wood grain thermal transfer paper / transfer film in Asia Pacific, mainly responsible for Italian wood grain transfer paper / transfer film in mainland China, Hong Kong, China , China and Taiwan, as well as the promotion and sales of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

At present, the market size of transfer paper and transfer film in China is gradually expanding, not only for outdoor buildings, such as door and window curtain walls, handrails, decorative grilles and other outer decorative surfaces, and wood grain paper in all-aluminum households. The proportion of applications in China is constantly rising. The products of Dykero and Monfes are mainly used for outdoor wood grain applications.

Wood grain paper can be applied not only to indoor all-aluminum home and furniture outer coatings, but also to aluminum alloy pillar beam outer decoration of outdoor buildings.

The main reason for the increasing acceptance of transfer paper in the industry is that although the cost of using wood grain paper is higher than that of ordinary spray, the wood grain effect is closer to wood, natural and environmentally friendly, and the decorative effect is more comfortable and leisure in the daily life. Medium, still relatively popular. The sales of wood grain paper in foreign countries, especially Italy, are relatively ideal and the proportion is very high, but in China, although the grain paper itself is an environmentally friendly material, the customer does not understand the weathering quality of the product and the detection cycle is long. At present, domestic woodgrain paper products are difficult to knock out one of the important factors of the market.

As the building continues to develop higher, the aluminum alloy gradually replaces the marble as the main material of the building pillar beam, and the wood grain paper as the aluminum alloy outer decorative material will be more used, and the market potential is great.

Aluminum plus net: What is the current product positioning of the company?

Yong Xianqi: The positioning of the company's products is high-end products, mainly used outdoors. Thanks to the development of thermal transfer technology, today's aluminum alloy products have more diverse, such as bright, elegant surface decoration effects, products can be more used in high-end leisure and other places, in addition, through the surface treatment The technological upgrading, the use of popular aluminum alloys in place of large-scale use of wood in different occasions, saving wood resources, and promoting the development trend of “aluminum-based wood” is also one of our company's wishes.

Aluminum Screening: What is the future application and development direction of wood grain paper technology?

Yong Xianqi: In the design of the pattern, the market puts forward higher requirements for wood grain, not only natural, close to wood, but also "fashion", "pop", the market trend of fashion trends, also requires wood grain Design and color lead the way. In the processing technology, with the popularization of technology, domestic customers have higher requirements on the product style, especially the corner position and small gap of the product, and hope that the product can achieve "extreme".

Economic development, fashion trends and other factors also determine the development direction of wood grain is diversified, fashionable and closer to life, wood grain paper should also develop more colors and valuable varieties.

For wood grain manufacturers, the development direction is to improve product quality, especially weather resistance, environmental protection, health, etc. Only by improving quality can we expand consumer groups.

Aluminum Screening: What product features and product color tones are worthy of consumer expectations?

Yong Xianqi: Wood grain paper can be applied to outdoor fields such as aviation and cruise ships after achieving certain standards such as environmental protection, low toxicity, anti-skid and decontamination. In addition, wood grain paper can also be superior to fluorocarbon and dusting in color tone, and the warm color series realized by visual effect makes the overall decoration more natural and harmonious.

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